Hello World of Crafts

Hi all and welcome to my first post. How exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I have recently become sooooo addicted with paper crafting. How can you not! It is so beautifully breathe taking and the things that you could do with it is – endless.

I stumble upon paper crafting with an idea of creating a thank you cards for my clients instead of buying a pre-made one. This way it is more personal and I can add my own personal touch. Then one thing lead to another and next thing you know I am on YT, craftonline shop, buying craft magazine. I was hooked onto it, just like that.

As a mom of  2 lil girls, housewife and a business owner my days can be hectic. I turn into paper crafting as my therapy or a stress outlet. I know I am just a tad obsessed with beautiful papers but I just can’t help. I love card making at this stage but will be venturing out in doing some invitations, wedding favours and so on later.

Before I bore you to death. 😛 here is my current project. I decided to revamp the decorated name framed that I made for my daughter couple of months ago. Here is the before

and here is the after. What do you think? Hope you like it. Till next time.